AutoCAD Classic workspace in AutoCAD 2015/2016


One of the most notable innovations in AutoCAD 2015 (also in AutoCAD 2016) is missing of classic workspace.

If you would like to use the AutoCAD Classic workspace in AutoCAD 2015, you must complete several steps:
  • Type -TOOLBAR in command line (don't miss symbol "-". It's very important!)

  • Enter toolbar name, for example Draw or Modify and select option Show

Requared panel appears on the screen

  • Now let’s turn off the Ribbon. Enter command RIBBONCLOSE

  • Enable the Menu Bar with the system variable MENUBAR = 0 (1 - displays the menu bar, 0 - hides the menu bar)

  • Right-click on Draw panel and select other requared panels. We must select the panels Standart, Styles, Layers, Properties, Draw, Modify and Worspaces to achieve usual classic workspace

  • And now we must dock panels on the screen

Do you recognize the "old school" classic AutoCAD?

  • Enter in Workspace Settings (WSSETTINGS) and choose Automatically save workspace changes option

It's necessary to save changes you've made to a workspace when you switch to another workspace.
  • Finally we need to save workspace as AutoCAD Classic 


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Andrey Mikhailov
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UPD: Alternative way to create Classic worspace. Just copy the following text and paste it to command line.

-TOOLBAR Draw Show
-TOOLBAR Modify Show
-TOOLBAR Properties Show
-TOOLBAR Layers Show
-TOOLBAR Styles Show
-TOOLBAR Standard Show
-TOOLBAR Workspaces Show
-WSSAVE AutoCAD Classic  

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