Autodesk products and Windows 10


Can Autodesk products may launch and install on the new operating system MS Windows 10?

Official comments from Autodesk developers:
Windows 10 is not yet an officially supported operating system across the Autodesk product line. Autodesk intends to support many of our key products on Windows 10 and will add products to the list of products supported on Windows 10 as updates and future versions are released. Product Support will provide their best effort to assist customers who have issues with current Autodesk products running on Windows 10.
In other words we have to wait for any new versions or service packs. It's also important to note that support for Windows 10 will be implemented only for versions 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013.

Product managers write comments in forum that testing support Win 10 

But users around the world try to install and run Autodesk applications on Windows 10 and achieve results. For example, Inventor 2016 running on Windows 10

Several recommendations from users:
  • if application doesn’t run once installed, you may have to run it as administrator (right click on icon -> Run as Administrator)
  • try to set compatibility (right click on icon -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Windows 7)
  • try to install or reinstall the Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 drivers. Click here to download

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